Peter Keelan is a filmmaker, underpinned by extensive experience as a musician, sound engineer and multi faceted artist. In 2000 he was awarded a two year Australia Council Fellowship to travel the world and collaborate with musicians in Africa, South America, Romania and the Solomon Islands.

It was in this year away that he made his first film, The Pan People Project. He co-composed and recorded all the music, filmed, photographed, edited and produced this one and a half hour film with little prior knowledge of film making. It premiered at The Dreaming Festival in Queensland in 2009, at Kulcha in Perth, Denmark and Albany. It is available on DVD.

Since then he has been commissioned to make documentaries for Tura New Music (touring world class Indian classical musicians and dancers), two documentaries for the Mapoon Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers (Cape York), the Christmas Island Big Fifty Celebrations (Australian Federal Government celebrating fifty years of the takeover of Christmas Island), Spirt of Play School featuring their Indigenous Studies Program.

He has also documented artist Cecile Williams creating ephemeral and environmental artworks; the Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands) international tours to Bahrain, Malaysia and Australia and the Denmark Festival of Voice 2010.

As a Community Filmmaker in Residence Peter has worked for the State Library of Queensland on Hammond Island in the Torres Strait and Umagico, Cape York, for the Western Desert Kidney Health Project in Norseman, Mulga Queen, Menzies, Mount Margaret, Laverton and Coonana; the Shire of Roebourne in Wickham, Roebourne and Karratha; Denmark's Brave New Works Festival; Department for Communications and the Arts AIR Project working with youth in Denmark, Albany, Cranbrook and Mount Barker.

His collaborative filmmaking has resulted a comedy, art-house and fantasy films for Denmark's Brave New Works Festival and music film clips for Katie J White Fire In My Belly and Kristie Smith's Princess Is Toughening Up, and completed a Cultural Heritage Documentary for the Mapoon Aboriginal Shire in Cape York.

Recently he combined filmmaking with multi-media theatre, with the hugely successful Rhythms of Life project, utilising multiple screen projections mixed with 'live' theatre, music, written word and dance.

His latest filmmaking projects are a collaboration with Tim Maisey to make the Local and Vocal filmclip relating to Rachel Hore's community project as part of the Denmark Festival of Voice 2015 and Peter is presently editing a film about Broken Hill artist Clark Barrett, shot in 2014, including an original musical composition for the soundtrack to that documentary.

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